A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Website: www.firstrecon.net

You need a graphics card capable of OpenGL 3.2 and you need Java 7. You should have a decently strong CPU 2.6 Ghz and above seems to work nicely. I've tested this on both Windows and Mac (not linux) and runs reasonably well. Windows has better performance (with the same hardware).


  • WSAD - Movement
  • E - Pickup Weapon
  • G - Drop Weapon
  • M - Map
  • Mouse - Shoot/aim
  • 1-4 - Weapons


  • The Defenders (Terrorists) control a randomly generated room. The room has 2 entrances that the Attackers (Counter-Terrorists) must use them to eliminate their target. The Attackers start off in an arsenal where they can pick their weapons and grenades. The Defenders start with pistols, but have to explore their map to see if there are any short-range guns laying around.

Install instructions

To play this game, please extract the ZIP file to your computer. It WILL NOT run inside a zip. Additionally, you need at least Java 7 installed on your computer.



Development log


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Just copy and paste the link after the download sign and it'll start downloading

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doesnt start downloading can someone help me

Game starts after 2 minutes.

It was windowded so I changed the resolution size, but only the half of the window was on my computer, so no more changes possible.

I deleted it, and dowloaded it again, but did the same bug.

Maybe you should fix it. Maybe.

I'd love to look into it. Could you please tell me your pc specs? What OS, CPU, Graphics Card, etc!

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is there bots? it would be cool if there were just some simple AI, because no one is playing and it looks like there was a lot of work put into this haha

No bots yet. Everything has been programmed from the ground up (rendering engine too). In the future, once I finish the core aspects of the game, sure I can make them :)

Awesome, i will definilty be playing

When I click download, nothing happens? I just get the pop up window and then nothing. 

There is a link that you can copy and paste to the search bar LINK:http://www.firstrecon.net/PublicBuild.zip 

Ah right thanks, downloading now!

I accidentally deleted your other post. Can you tell me what the error said exactly? A picture would be useful too!

Deleted post

Seems interesting but theres no players online

Would be great if more people were able to play =)